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Monoruota aperto

Manutenzione Monoruota

Problems with your vehicle?

Did you puncture?

Do you need to replace parts of your vehicle? Trust our most technical partners for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to always have an efficient monowheel.

Also available for technical advice should you wish to intervene independently.


Scuola Guida

Trust our most experienced members to learn how to drive a single-wheeler effortlessly and safely

on all types of terrain, with the right technique, the result of specific and proven teaching, you will quickly learn all the secrets of safe driving and, in case of purchase, you will be able to choose the model best suited to you and your needs.

Misura tensione sulle celle di una batteria
Problemi su pacchi batteria

Sometimes it may happen that we encounter anomalies on the battery packs of our electric vehicles (single wheel, scooters, e-bikes). In the presence of these anomalies (for example a partial recharge) it is important to intervene quickly to avoid running risks, but only qualified personnel can intervene to resolve the problem. We can entrust you to one of our professional collaborators capable of quickly solving any problem, contact us.

Assistenza gara

We offer a trailblazer/broom or assistant service for foot races, marathons and cycle tourism. You can finally say goodbye to bikes that intoxicate racers.

Riprese video dinamiche

Thanks to our single-wheel cameramen and cameras with electro-mechanical stabilizer, you will be able to obtain shots of moving subjects during events or races, or enrich your videos with new and particular shots.

Informazioni di contatto

Servizio richiesto

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The association cannot receive any compensation for these services,

if anything it accepts donations regularly recorded in the accounts

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