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Fin dal Neolitico l’uomo ha cercato di superare i suoi limiti in termini di velocità e, per procedere più velocemente, ha inventato la ruota. Inizialmente utilizzata solo per facilitare lo spostamento di carichi, successivamente con i Sumeri, fu associata alla trazione di animali addomesticati. Poi ampiamente utilizzata su mezzi da guerra per trasporto persone e merci.

After centuries of evolution, with the introduction of the internal combustion engine, the wheels have become more and more widespread, but never until a few years ago, man would have imagined that he could move freely around a single wheel, as nicely designed from the cartoonist-humorist John Hart (to whom our logo pays) ... well, that idea today is reality and takes us directly into the future ... everything, in an absolutely ecological way. It is the only vehicle dedicated to micro-mobility that is best suited to intermodality (use in synergy with various public means such as buses, trams, metro, trains).


Thor, il famoso personaggio delle strisce di B.C. presente nel nostro logo, è concesso in licenza da © John Hart Studios

About us

It is a heterogeneous group of 25-65 years in Rome (and not only) united by the passion of the monowheel, a means used daily for business trips, but also to enjoy moments of leisure outdoors.

The purpose

The Association aims to:

  • placing the Citizen at the center of its initiatives and activities, guiding it towards research towards greater attention and respect for the environment, contributing to accelerating Italy's transition towards sustainable models, by promoting electric mobility systems and the relative benefits for the entire community, with particular attention to the use of means for micro-mobility for urban travel, in combination with public transport.

  • focus their attention on the research and technological innovation sector in order to be able to evaluate their social impacts and spread their contents through events, conferences, analyzes, debates, project formulations, aiming for growth and greater awareness, openness, participation and responsibility of the Citizen.

  • disseminating knowledge and civil and reference values ​​suitable to stimulate the introduction of new forms of mobility and transport, both individual and collective, in the country, which are increasingly eco-sustainable, to the benefit of the quality of life of citizens and in greater respect for the environment.

  • to promote the preservation and control of city parks, cycle paths and urban routes, encouraging the use of ecological means for urban travel, using these routes as alternatives to the use of cars on the street.

  • to create within its own website, pages aimed at developing projects in favor of electric mobility, as well as aggregation events aimed at the growth of the association and the dissemination of the principles of the Association.

  • interacting with other institutional actors of mobility in Italy, as well as with all the Municipalities of Italy interested in the project of transition to electricity.

  • take an active part in promoting, studying and following the development of laws or provisions of interest to members and consistent with the aims and principles of the association.

Gruppo al Colosseo
The purpose

It is a heterogeneous group of 25-65 years in Rome (and not only) united by the passion of the monowheel, a means used daily for business trips, but also to enjoy moments of leisure outdoors.

Uomo che citofona

In sinergia con Retake Roma, dal 2023 ci occupiamo anche di manutenzione di aree urbane e realizzazione di percorsi ciclopedonali.​

Durante l'anno, ogni quattro o cinque mesi, i nostri soci partecipano alla donazione del sangue, un nobile gesto che può fare davvero tanto bene a chi ne ha bisogno.

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