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Since the Neolithic, man has tried to overcome his limits in terms of speed and, to proceed faster, he invented the wheel. Initially used only to facilitate the movement of loads, later with the Sumerians, it was associated with the pulling of domesticated animals. Then widely used on war vehicles for transporting people and goods.

After centuries of evolution, with the introduction of the internal combustion engine, the wheels have become more and more widespread, but never until a few years ago, man would have imagined that he could move freely around a single wheel, as nicely designed from the cartoonist-humorist John Hart (to whom our logo pays) ... well, that idea today is reality and takes us directly into the future ... everything, in an absolutely ecological way. It is the only vehicle dedicated to micro-mobility that is best suited to intermodality (use in synergy with various public means such as buses, trams, metro, trains).


Thor, the famous BC strip character featured in our logo, is licensed by © John Hart Studios

Chi siamo

The Association founded on 4 June 2019 with registered office in Rome, is made up of a heterogeneous group of members present throughout the national territory, aged between 18 and 72, all sharing a passion for single-wheelers and similar vehicles, used daily for business trips, but also to enjoy moments of leisure in the open air.

The first year of foundation we had 36 members of which 6 were on the Board of Directors, the following year we reached 58 with an increase of +61%, then in 2021 there were 71 members (+22%) and in 2022 we went to 101 members ( +45%), in 2023 there will be 102 members with a very slight increase (+1%).


This year, as of May 4th, there were 87 registered members , with a decrease of 16% compared to 2023, especially due to the legislative uncertainty of this period; Unfortunately in Italy, with the prospect of improving road safety, the use of micromobility vehicles is in fact being completely discouraged, but our association is committed to also having the single-wheel vehicle recognized and regulated by the CdS


Below are some statistical data from our members updated to May 4 , 2024

Screenshot 2024-04-24 alle 02.17.59.png
Screenshot 2024-05-17 alle 18.17.00.png
Screenshot 2024-05-17 alle 18.16.46.png
Screenshot 2024-05-17 alle 18.16.52.png
Screenshot 2024-05-17 alle 18.19.25.png

Le finalità dell'Associazione

The Association's aim is to:

  • place the Citizen at the center of its initiatives and activities, guiding them towards research towards greater attention and respect for the environment, contributing to accelerating Italy's transition towards sustainable models, through the promotion of electric mobility systems and the related benefits for the entire community, with particular attention to the use of micromobility vehicles for urban travel, in combination with public transport.

  • direct its attention towards the sector of research and technological innovation in order to be able to evaluate its social impacts and disseminate its contents through events, conferences, analyses, debates, project formulations, aiming for growth and greater awareness, openness, participation and responsibility of the Citizen.

  • spread knowledge and civil and reference values suitable for stimulating the introduction in the country of new forms of mobility and transport, both individual and collective, which are increasingly eco-sustainable, to the benefit of the quality of life of citizens and with greater respect for the environment.

  • promote the protection and control of city parks, cycle paths and urban routes, encouraging the use of ecological means for urban travel, exploiting these routes as alternatives to the use of cars on the street.

  • create within its website pages aimed at developing projects in favor of electric mobility, as well as aggregation events aimed at the growth of the association and the diffusion of the Association's principles.

  • interact with the other institutional actors of mobility in Italy, as well as with all the Italian Municipalities interested in the transition project towards electric.

  • take an active part in promoting, studying and following the development of laws or provisions of interest to the members and consistent with the aims and principles of the association.

Gruppo al Colosseo

L'impegno nel sociale dell'Associazione

The Association with its members, during the period of health emergency to contain the spread of Covid-19, distinguished itself with voluntary actions:

  • collaborating with the VII municipality of Rome for food collection and distribution to families in difficulty.

  • collaborating with the Civil Protection of South Rome , for the return of teaching materials (which the students left on the school desks due to the sudden lockdown) and tablets, provided on loan for use by the MIUR in order to follow the lessons remotely.   Furthermore, the Association also took care of   of the distribution of drugs to elderly , disabled and immunosuppressed people.  

Uomo che citofona

In synergy with Retake Roma , in 2023 we also dealt with the maintenance of urban areas and the creation of cycle and pedestrian paths.

During the year, every four or five months, our members participate in donating blood , a noble gesture that can really do a lot of good to those in need.

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