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Welcome to the Association's website

The Association was founded in June 2019 from an idea of the founding member Marcello Bellini, thanks to the contribution of the members of the Board of Directors, with the aim of bringing together enthusiasts of electric vehicles (especially single-wheelers) created for urban mobility and for for recreational/tourist use, all 100% here to get to know us better.

Videos of our latest 

trip on Youtube

Attiva l'audio e alza il volume !!!

Great success with the public over the weekend
19, 20 and 21 April 2024 for
Great participation from the public in this seventh edition dedicated to sustainable mobility, experiential tourism and the green economy which took place in the center of Pescara, where in addition to the other commercial exhibitors present, the citizens at our gazebo were able to see, touch and know how our monowheels work.
The bravest ones also tried to guide them with the help of our instructors and experience the thrill of moving freely suspended 15 cm from the ground.

I prossimi eventi in calendario

Domenica 19 Maggio


Trevignano - Manziana - Oriolo

l percorso parte a nord del lago di Bracciano, toccheremo Manziana, Canale Monterano e pranzeremo a Oriolo Romano (con ricarica). La ciclovia dei boschi ci accompagnerà nel ritorno a Trevignano. 55Km (70%off + 30%strada)

 dal 31 Maggio al 2 Giugno 2024:


VII National Single Gathering

Frascati and Castelli Romani and Rome


The highlight of the year

which you cannot miss

Fri: Off-road Extreme + Dinner

Sat: Off-road Easy + Lunch

Sun: Easy & Smooth + Lunch

With the patronage of the Municipality of FRASCATI

Domenica 16 Giugno


Monti Simbruini

Gita sui monti Simbruini

immersi nella natura del

Parco Regionale

 tra Carsoli (AQ) e Filettino (FR)

La foto del mese

Aprile 2024.jpg


I nostri ultimi video

Wheel Experience (Garage edition)

Colli della Sabina 2024

Tivoli Adventure 

Il parco di Veio e Selvotta (Roma)

Il parco degli Acquedotti (Roma)

Nella sezione eventi ci sono in programma nei mesi di maggio e giugno alcuni tour impegnativi (> 50 Km),

ma altri più semplici sono in fase di preparazione per permettere a chi ha ruote con performance inferiori, di godere di uscite in allegria.

Verificate costantemente 

queste pagina per rimanere informato.

Insegnante e allievo su monoruota

Are you fascinated by the monowheel but think you don't know how to drive it?

You should just try, with us you have the chance  

to do so, contact us .



Il socio che presenta un nuovo socio riceve

5 "punti socio"

Il nuovo socio ne riceve 20


Experimentation and micromobility : when will the "experimentation" end?

Our friend Marco Pitrolo addresses the topic, with particular focus on the single-wheeler, from a regulatory point of view. All those who wonder if it is possible to travel with a single-wheeled vehicle will find a wide answer by reading his article which we are pleased to report here .

batterie al litio

Lithium, a rare earth?

Lithium batteries are part of our life, and we hear about them in every way, but do we know what we're talking about? Let's find out with this article by Marcello Bellini

Uomo in giacca e cravatta su un monoruota


There's been a lot of talk these days about the government's change to the Security Council, what's happening ?

Find out with an article from our legal expert .


Dove posso ricaricare mentre sono in giro?

It may happen that while traveling around the city, it is necessary to recharge the battery of our electric vehicles. By consulting this map, you will be able to see which businesses provide this service for a simple drink and you will also recognize them by our sticker applied to their windows.

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