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Una estate ricca di tour questa del 2023......

A fter the success of the National Single Rally, our Italian riders are letting loose with a series of events that overlap with each other and are developed throughout the Italian territory , with the aim, in addition to having fun while traveling, to demonstrate what they are all about. our means are capable. Let's see in detail what they are:

🔴   e -mobility Italy 2023

There are seven stages of the program promoted by Scuola Italiana Monoruota which brought seven riders from Liguria to Sicily on board their monowheels. As in cycling, they are supported by a team with flagship cars and vans with loaded spare wheels, necessary to cover the daily routes. Departing on Sunday 11/6 from S.Margherita L., they stopped in Cecina (LI) in Tuscany, in Ostia (RM) in Lazio, in Bacoli (NA) in Campania, in Palinuro (SA), in Tropea (VV) and in Taormina (ME). In total they traveled over 1600 km , to join the other group that left Palermo to climb to the top of Etna on Saturday 17/6.

Mappa del percorso da Genova a Messina
Partecipanti all'e.mobility Italia 2023
Locandina dell'Etna tour 2023

🔴   Etna Adventure 2023

Since Wednesday   From Sunday 14th to 18th June, for the third consecutive year, the Sicilian event took place , organized by us in collaboration with Monoruota Sicilia and Scuola Italiana Monoruota. This year a group of about ten Italian and foreign riders set off from Palermo (in the rain) to reach Etna on a suggestive and absolutely unforgettable route, the Sicily Divide. They made three stops, the first night in Cammarata (AG), the second in Enna, the third in Paternò (CT). Having joined the group from Liguria, they faced the climb to the top of Etna together on Sunday 18/6.

🔴   Calabria Tour 2023

The trio of friends of our members, already known for the previous two summer tours of Corsica (you can find the reports of their trips in the events section) this year, left two due to health problems of one of them, opted to stay in Italy and go and discover the parks of Calabria.

They left Rome on Saturday 11th June and reached Scalea by train and from there, with their backpacks on their shoulders, they set off to discover the Sila mountains. They traveled over 618 km with climbs of over 24,626 meters (max. altitude 1622) and 24,514 meters of descents, spending the first night in Castrovillari (CS), the second in Camigliatello Silano (CS) and the third in Tiriolo (CZ), the fourth in a remote refuge in Aspromonte, the third in Antonimina (RC) and then ending the tour in Reggio Calabria where they took the train to return home on the same day, Wednesday 14/6.

Percorso del Calabria Tour 2023
Libro del Corso Istruttori
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