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Past events

Sabato 12 Gennaio 2019

Our group, in collaboration with Neapolitan friends, has organized a train journey to the beautiful city of Naples. We walked around the city with our mono wheels starting from the central station to reach Piazza Dante, the central Via Toledo, up to Piazza del Plebiscito, then walk along the seafront to Mergellina and then climb up the Posillipo climbs up to the famous panoramic view from which you can admire an enchanting gulf with Vesuvius in the background.

We then traveled via Manzoni, via Boccaccio and via Posillipo to the Bagno Sirene where we had lunch.

In the afternoon another ride on the waterfront path to Castel dell'Ovo with the sunset and then again the center to the station from which we left in the late afternoon.

In the video section there is the video of the meeting in Naples.

Domenica 24 Marzo 2019

In Rome, another ecological Sunday characterized by the #vialibera event is a 15 km cycle-pedestrian circuit that is dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists for a whole day.
Along the Via Cola di Rienzo there are those who walk their dogs, who, taking advantage of the lack of traffic, teach their children to ride a bike, those who simply enjoy a sunny day in the company of their family.
There is no lack of children who, as they once did, play football on the street. There are also those who return as children and engage in innovative games such as the mono wheel.
An opportunity to introduce and test these revolutionary electric vehicles that could be the solution to the traffic problems that plague our cities.



Sabato 6 Aprile 2019



Some members of our group on the sunny Saturday in early April, wanted to try to cover part of what will be in the future GRAB (Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Bici).
A path that winds through buildings in the suburbs, parks, cycle paths and nature trails. A truly unique way to experience the city of Rome. The entire route winds over a distance of about 40km, but this time our group has traveled only 28km from Arco di Travertino, passing through Appia, Tuscolana, Casilina, Prenestina, Collatina , Togliatti, Tiburtina, Valle dell'Aniene, Nomentana, Villa Ada, Salaria, Flaminia, Villa Borghese and part of the center.

Sabato 12 Aprile 2019



The ABB FIA Formula E Championship was held

in Rome on Saturday 13 April
with the electric racing cars that challenged each

other on the Eur city circuit.
Inside the village around the circuit, a series of electric events in all its forms, especially the day before the race, for the first time ever, took place the
e-Parade which saw the participation of our group with electric single wheels, but also many others among skaters, cyclists and skateboarders, covering the entire Formula E circuit for several consecutive laps. An unforgettable experience and an incredible emotion!

Sabato 20 Aprile 2019



Easter night in the

pine forest in Ostia



Departed from Piazzale Magellano in Ostia (RM)
equipped with appropriate lighting and
reflectors we went inside of the pine forest facing

paths on white road and paths, in a row one behind the other with the look always facing down to dodge roots,
sand and stones. A truly unique and fun experience that should only be addressed if you have itan expert guide who knows the place well (and we had the Manna, a guarantee!) otherwise it is very easy to get lost.

3-4-5 Maggio 2019

Friends of the Scuola Italiana Monoruota

have organized for the second consecutive year
  the Extreme Recco 2019

Three days spent in cheerful company of forty monoruotisti coming from all over Italy, covering more than 100km on different routes starting from Recco, sometimes easy, sometimes "extreme", that from the Levante coast led us to the high hills at an altitude of 830m, in the center of Genoa, passing through Pieve Ligure, Camogli, in the regional park of Portofino, S.Margherita Ligure, Rapallo.

A truly fun and unrepeatable experience with a truly exciting scenario.

Sabato 11 Maggio 2019


il miglio di Roma

It is a competition organized in Rome

in which many team runners have participated.
Families with their children, non-professional runners, university students and professional runners.
We too have had the opportunity to participate with the sole purpose, not to run but to bring to the attention of the participating public along the entire Via del Corso and Piazza del popolo, the ease of use of our vehicles in everyday life.


Domenica 9 Giugno 2019


Ciclo Natura a Sabaudia


A charity initiative that saw the Pontine city invaded by more than 1200 bikes for a ride of 25 kilometers, to which some of us participated on electric single wheels.

The route ran between the coast of Sabaudia, some provincial roads temporarily closed to traffic and within the Circeo Nature Reserve, whose access was allowed by the Park body only for the occasion.

A real immersion in the uncontaminated nature of the Pontine coast and of the marvelous pinewood that we have been able to share in joy with so many families and groups of friends who love nature and pedals.

14-15-16 Giugno 2019


After the great success of the first edition held in June 2018,

the Muoviti Elettrico group again organized the

2nd Monoraduno Nazionale di Roma

sponsored byOverWheel.

The event this time took place on three consecutive days starting on Friday morning and ending on Sunday evening.
About 130 Km have been traveled on 4 routes with different characteristics to satisfy everyone's needs. The heat and fatigue of the extreme course suffered, but unknown spots in Rome were touched and the beauty of its parks was admired. All sharing fun, laughter and laughter.

​Here the details of the routes.

Sabato 22 Giugno 2019

Gelato in festa


A walk on wheels from Cinecittà to the hills of Frascati, a land of excellent wine production, to go and taste delicious wine ice cream made by a local artisan.

Before the ice cream, however, we had dinner in an excellent pizzeria to cut right in front of the Archaeological Park of Cocciano (Frascati). The return to Cinecittà made at night, with a perfect temperature that made all the suggestive route pleasant.


Domenica 28 Aprile 2019

In Rome, yet another ecological Sunday

characterized by the event


Our group met at 11:00
in via Cola di Rienzo and from there started the tour
for almost half of the route established by
Municipality of Rome, but arrived in the San Lorenzo area,
we decided to make a detour for head towards the Pigneto district to refresh ourselves with excellent sandwiches
in a typical local restaurant. The tour ended near

the park della Caffarella (for part of the group)

and at the Parco degli Acquedotti (for others).

Domenica 23 Giugno 2019


Le Terre della Regina 

The Lands of the Queen develop along the Tiber River from the source to the sea, along what will be the

future ciclovia fluviale and are divided into five sections:



We walked the second stretch (Terre del Nord) making a stop at the pond in the Tor di Quinto Park and then we continued on the third stretch (the Eternal city) concluding the tour in a trattoria in Trastevere for a total of about 25 Km.

Domenica 30 Giugno 2019

Comics Park

The comic park is located in Rome in the quadrilateral between Via Cristoforo Colombo, Via di Mezzocammino, Via del Mare and the GRA. There are many small parks connected by recently built cycle paths, which adorn the new district of small and modern apartment buildings in the aforementioned area just outside the ring road.

We reached this park starting from Caracalla, taking the cycle path on the Tiber from Porta Portese to Torrino. After a well-deserved lunch break and battery recharge, we visited a large part of the park, on the numerous paths among oleanders, trees and children's games, and then returned to Caracalla, along various cycle paths of Torrino, EUR, Tre Fontane, of via C.Colombo for a total of about 41Km.

Giovedì 11 Luglio 2019

Test Drive del KS-16X

In preview, thanks to our sponsor OverWheel, we had the opportunity to try on the road, the new mono-wheel produced by Kingsong available in Italy from the end of August.

A dozen members who found themselves in the late afternoon in Caracalla, were able to drive this excellent new vehicle, which features a brand new design, it is very fluid, fast and soft at the wheel, with the same characteristics as its bigger brother KS-18 but with a lower center of gravity that favors the set-up assisted also by the width of the 3 "tire. The audio section is also clearly improved. In conclusion a very amusing vehicle.

We look forward to buying it.

Sabato 13 Luglio 2019


Via Libera at night

The municipality of Rome for the July edition wanted to test this initiative done in the evening instead of during the day as for the other times.

The turnout was not the best accomplice in the summer period that leads citizens to spend the weekend at the beach or better yet out of town for their holidays.

In any case, a representative of our association was present on the pedestrianized circuit for the occasion starting from 7.00 pm.

The next appointment is for 15 September 2019

Domenica 14 Luglio 2019

Extreme drive at Campi d'Annibale

One of the most beautiful releases ever according to the opinions of those present.
Certainly an extreme type of route, not suitable for novice pilots, due to the difficulty of the course it is necessary to have some experience in off-road.

Worn protections and helmet mandatory on these routes, the expert drivers have entered the woods just above the town of Rocca di Papa (RM) to tackle ascents and descents in succession in some very difficult stretches and, despite everything, faced at fairly average speed high for the type of path that has put a strain on the legs and the means, but that has brought home the drivers who are happy to have enjoyed it like this.

Sabato 24 Agosto 2019


Together with our cyclist friends "the Cats of the Queen", we crossed the southern part of the Regina Ciclarum starting from the Tiberis Beach (located on the Tiber at the Marconi bridge) up to Fiumicino (Clementine tower). The asphalt path (up to the GRA) winds along the bends of the Tiber in very suggestive landscapes and crossing fields present in the area of Ponte Galeria (on single track) reaches near the via Portuense (Lake Trajan).

Along the way we admired a beautiful sunset and enjoyed the nature that surrounded us, immersed in the silence of our electric vehicles and our bikes.

Once in Fiumicino we took the opportunity to refresh ourselves with a delicious fried calamari and prawns.

The cyclist friends after dinner have retraced the journey back, illuminated only by their flashlights. We monoruotisti we opted for a return by car (hybrid).

Domenica 14 Settembre 2019


After the summer break, the return to Rome

cycle-pedestrianization of 15km of city streets.


A large influx of people to our stand in Piazza del Popolo and many who wanted to drive the single wheel in the dedicated protected area following the instructions of the expert instructors. So much attention from amazed and enthusiastic citizens for this super ecological vehicle. During the tour in the ring very vigilant citizen applauded the passage of monoruotisti and their children in tow. Finally everyone appreciates this new way of circulating on the street.

The city is changing.


Next meeting 20 October 2019

Domenica 6 Ottobre 2019

Umbria Green Festival 2019


In occasione dell'Umbria Green Festival, Instabike ha organizzato un giro di 35 Km nei dintorni di Narni.

Il percorso ad anello, misura 34 km e presenta 764 mt di dislivello e si snoda lungo una ex ferrovia Narni-Nera Montoro, le gole del Nera, Stifone, Montoro, Podernovo, Oasi di San Liberato, Chiesa di Santa Pudenziana, Rocca di Albornoz e Narni Centro.

Una bellissima passeggiata con bici elettriche e monoruota,  a tratti anche con salite impegnative al punto da dover scendere e condurre il proprio mezzo a piedi per raggiugnere a fine della salita, in un panorama eccezionale nella pace delle colline umbre dai colori indimenticabili.

Al termine del giro, tutti al raduno in Piazza dei Priori a Narni per il raduno interregionale delle auto elettriche, dove abbiamo visionato tante nuove proposte delle case automobilistiche. Dopo un ottimo buffet, abbiamo anche approfittato per visitare la Narni Sotteranea con una visita guidata da un accompagnatore davvero di prestigio.

Domenica 20 Ottobre 2019




Ancora una incredibile domenica di #vialibera

per noi di Muoviti Elettrico: con oltre 120 persone incuriosite dal monoruota, che si sono cimentate per la prima volta nella guida, alcune anche con ottimi risultati, e molti che hanno chiesto informazioni tecniche e pratiche, possiamo quindi affermare di aver riscosso un notevole successo di pubblico.

Ad impreziosire la memorabile giornata, la  graditissima visita al gazebo della nostra impareggiabile e simpatica Sindaca che si è intrattenuta con noi incuriosita e molto attenta, e con la quale abbiamo condiviso parte della passeggiata su via del corso.

Mercoledì 20 Novembre 2019



1° assemblea ME

Prima assemblea della nostra associazione, svoltasi presso il ristorante "Da Luigi" che ci ha ospitato dedicandoci una intera sala, è stata un successo.

La partecipazione si è assestata oltre il 50%

dei soci, alcuni dei quali collegati da remoto.

Piacevole e costruttiva la condivisione di idee e opinioni sulla micromobilità sostenibile.

Un momento conviviale tra vecchi e nuovi soci,

il tutto condito da una buona cena e tante risate.

Al termine tutti insieme abbiamo fatto un giro per il centro storico di Roma fino a Villa Borghese, dove una pioggia intensa ci ha colto impreparati, segnando quindi la fine del nostro evento.

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